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"Treasure Lies" is nearing the end of post-production.  Soon we will be showing it to the cast and crew and hopefully soon after that, the world.  Check out the behind the scenes videos below the trailer and be sure to LIKE our Facebook Page so that you can follow along with us all the way to the premiere!


We still looking for sponsors.  For as little as $100 you can get your name in the credits.  Click HERE.

We filmed "Treasure Lies" last summer in OK.  I hope you enjoy the making of videos as much as we enjoyed making the movie.

TREASURE LIES - A hardworking teen learns a faith lesson through an unexpected windfall.  It's a life and death story of greed, jealousy, gratitude, character, and forgiveness.


"For where your treasure lies, there your heart will be also."  Matthew 6:21


ii Films is a small, 2-person production company that writes and produces family-friendly movies with Christ-centered messages. 


Our first two films are:


  • The Current - Winner of the Gold Crown Award for Best Youth Film and rated the 2nd Best Christian Movie by ChristianCinema.com in 2014.  (Trailer)

  • Miles Between Us - Winner of the Gold Crown Award for Best Drama Under $250,000 and the Bronze Crown Award for Best Picture.  (Trailer)